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Builders Exchanges pre-date all other nationally recognized construction associations, and are the oldest form of cooperative alliance between segments of the construction industry in North America, other than trade unions and guilds. The first Builders Exchange of record opened in 1862 in Nova Scotia, Canada.

The Builders Exchange Network (BXNET), formerly the International Builders Exchange Executives (IBEE) evolved from the original vision of Dan Patrick, executive director of the Atlanta Builders Exchange in Atlanta, Georgia, who in 1948, along with eight other exchange executives, formed the "Executive Secretaries National Council" of Builders Exchanges. By 1951, the organization had grown to include participation from Canadian Exchanges. In 2013, IBEE offically changed its name to Builders Exchange Network.

BXNET was originally formed to act as a network for managing executives to share information, discuss common problems, and compare methods of gathering and distributing construction project information and providing plan room services. It has now grown into an international community that collectively focuses on contributing the best construction news, bidding information, and related services to the industry.

BXNET is a non-profit Association currently representing 60 Builders' Exchanges and related Plan Rooms and - through them - serves approximately 70,000 businesses in the construction industry.