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Invitation to Join

Who belongs to BXNET?

To apply for membership with BXNET, you must be employed by a construction industry association which includes the following components:
  • Operates a plan room
  • Produces a construction news report
  • Has a membership base that includes at least three (3) categories of construction-industry members: contractors, design professionals, suppliers, manufacturers, bonding and/or financial institutions, or other businesses that participate within the construction industry.
OWNERS & DESIGN FIRMS: Many services of BXNET Member Exchanges are provided to project Owners and members of the design community as a service to the industry. Owners, Architects, Engineers, and other Design professionals may contact a member of the BXNET via the Membership Directory listing on this site, or contact BXNET directly at 1-855-719-0733 for further information.

CONTRACTORS, SUPPLIERS, MANUFACTURERS, & SUPPORT FIRMS: If your firm is a member in good standing of a Builders Exchange or other construction association who is a current member of the BXNET, you are automatically a subsidiary member. Your firm is authorized to participate in qualified network programs via your local exchange.

Over the years, our members have developed techniques and technologies that address industry-specific issues. BXNET members are innovators and inventors whose pioneering spirits and creativity have propelled the Builders Exchange community into a new generation of planroom operations, yet still maintain the traditions of 120 years of service to the industry.

In addition to the personal benefit of meeting with peers who understand what it is to operate a planroom/construction trade association, membership brings tremendous value to your organization:
  • On-going marketing efforts to promote Builders Exchanges and their services
  • On-line Member Directory to help industry professional locate Members
  • Electronic Member Newsletter (BXNews)
  • BXNET members are also eligible to participate in Affinity Programs, which provide significant services, discounts, and revenue streams.
If you are interested in applying to the BXNET for membership, or require further information about the organization, e-mail inquiries to or complete the application form here.