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Membership Services

BXNET Member Exchanges or Construction Associations have long-standing traditions and relationships with the construction community.

BXNET builds on these traditions, bridging the needs of Owners, Architects, Design Community, Contractors, Subcontractors, and Vendors/ Suppliers through an inter-connected network of construction news information services.


For Contractors, membership in a local BXNET-affiliated Builders Exchange or related Construction Association is a simple, cost-effective way for you and your company to be informed of upcoming projects out for bid, bidding information, and to streamline the actual bidding process, while obtaining qualified bids.

All Builders Exchange or related Construction Association services are designed to strengthen and simplify the project procurement and bid process, and to serve as a communications conduit for contractors, sub-contractors, suppliers, design firms and project owners.

If you are not yet a member of your local Builders Exchange or Construction Association, check our network participants’ locations to find the listing for your local BXNET Member Exchange or related construction association and join today! Become part of the BXNET, the strongest network of construction professionals in North America.

Member Benefits Include:

  • Information about Planned Projects
  • Training, Education, and Scholarships
  • Blueprint, Specification, and Addenda printing and update services
  • Group Purchase Programs
  • Various Service Discount Programs
  • Shipping Services
  • Telecommunications Services
  • RS Means Publications
  • Fleet Vehicle Purchase
  • Medical
  • Dental
  • Workers Compensation
  • Life
  • Auto, Home
  • Legislative Advocacy & Updates
  • Industry Resources, i.e. Contract Archives and Forms, Publications, Videos, Safety Manuals, etc.
  • Professional Development and Peer Networking - New Products and Techniques
    Partnership Relationships:
  • The American Society of Professional Estimators (ASPE)
  • National Association of Women in Construction (NAWIC)


Advertising publicly-funded projects through BXNET helps assure that projects funded by taxpayers will be performed by the most qualified local contractors for the lowest possible price. BXNET's Bid Solicitation Service also fulfills legal requirements to advertise publicly-owned projects, and all assistance is provided free of charge.

To use the BXNET Bid Solicitation Service, send one (1) complete set of bid documents, including plans and specifications to the local BXNET Plan Room, or contact BXNET for assistance at 1-855-719-0733. Please note that plan deposits or fees are traditionally waived for Plan Rooms since they are providing a vital industry service. Following the bid date, blueprints and specifications are automatically returned to the project owner or agent at no charge.

Project information, and/or blueprints and specifications may also be made available “online”, enabling contractors to view project information, and prepare bids, 24-hours a day. Please note that BXNET online services are not available to the general public. This service is only available to approved members of a local Builders Exchange or related Construction Association, and access is tightly controlled and monitored by BXNET. Detailed information about viewers is available to owners upon formal request, including who viewed the bid documents, when and how many times.


Builders Exchanges and Construction Associations are proud of their long and mutually supportive relationship with members of the design community. By working with their local Builders Exchanges or related Construction Association, architects and engineers all across the U.S. and Canada have been able to obtain qualified bids from experienced contractors, sub-contractors and suppliers, thereby saving time and money.

Assistance is provided free of charge to project owners and members of the design community, including:

  • Coordinating bid dates with other projects out for bid
  • Locating qualified, experienced contractors and suppliers
  • Locating Manufacturers Representatives
  • Protecting design integrity and reducing liability by securing information
  • Reducing telephone inquiries seeking routine information like bid date and time, known bidders; addenda; pre-bid meeting times, etc.
  • Reducing the cost of printing blueprints and specification books
  • Reducing office traffic and disruption generated by contractors seeking bid information and/or blueprint copies
  • Providing information about local market conditions, legal requirements and industry practices

A Builders Exchange or Construction Association Plan Room serves as a “current plan library” containing project blueprints and specifications for contractors, sub-contractors and suppliers interested in submitting bids for current projects.

Publication within BXNET fulfills legal requirements to publicize publicly funded projects without the cost of placing bid advertisements in newspapers and journals.

After bids, plans will be destroyed or returned to the design professional upon request.


BXNET helps owners get the most competitive bid price for their construction project by accessing a pool of qualified and experienced local contractors who are approved members of a local Builders Exchange or related Construction Association. BXNET also helps owners locate contractors who meet special requirements such as Woman Owned Business Enterprises (WBE), Minority-Owned Business Enterprises (MBE) and Disadvantaged Business Enterprises (DBE).

BXNET assistance to owners and purchasers seeking open, competitive bids is provided free of charge. Owners who wish to restrict access to bidding information to invited or pre-qualified contractors and/or manage the bid process privately may do so through the use of BXNET's Private Projects service. This service is available for either a one-time charge, or a monthly fee that provides unlimited use for multiple projects.

How Do Owners Use the Bid Solicitation Service? Each project owner or responsible agent provides one complete set of bid documents (Plans & Specs) for file at the office(s) of the BXNET Members chosen for that project.

Once plans and specifications are obtained, project information is made available to qualified BXNET members. A professional reporting team from the Builders Exchange or related Construction Association maintains contact with project coordinators during the bidding process to ensure that the information remains timely and accurate. In addition, BXNET tracks viewer activity for owners who are concerned about security and liability. This statistical information is available to owners and/or architects upon request at no charge.